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Van Amstel Company’s “What is a Serigraph?” label
Boy with Flute
San Francisco night scene
Morro Rock scene
Birch forest scene
Dietrich producing a silkscreen panel at the Van Amstel Company (ca.1975)
Floral meadow scene
Floral meadow scene
Manhattan scene

Dietrich began experimenting with serigraphs after opening Dietrich Studio, marketing them as “decorative paintings,” along with his wallpaper and textile designs. In 1949, he met a Dutch entrepreneur named Werner Rodman, who proposed a partnership whereby Dietrich would create the designs, while Rodman, operating under the auspices of the Van Amstel Company, would finance their production, marketing and distribution. Over the next 20 years, Dietrich made regular visits to Van Amstel’s Culver City headquarters, where he supervised production of his limited-edition serigraphs, which were then sold nationally through department stores.

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