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The Dietrich Studios website was created by the Dietrich family as a means of promoting the life and career of the fine artist, Dietrich. Dietrich (née Dietrich Hermann Grunewald, December 22, 1916-May 21, 2003) was a Swedish-American impressionist whose prolific and diverse works encompassed oil paintings, oils on paper, serigraphs, etchings, illustrations, drawings, and scenic, textile, and wallpaper designs. His range of subjects included floral fantasies, figural representations, landscapes, cityscapes, horses, sailboats and sporting scenes depicted through a harmonious interplay of color, shadow and light that informed over 2,000 works that have been exhibited domestically and abroad. In 1997, the artist wrote Dietrich: Memoirs of My Life and Art, which are unpublished.


In addition, Dietrich’s career has been documented in the following reference works:


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